Tuticorin Logistics Private Limited

About Us

Tuticorin Logistics  Private Limited

Who we are

Tuticorin Logistics Private Limited is a non-asset-based logistics company with expertise in logistics & transportation management, fleet management, supply chain & distribution management, and warehousing & inventory control. While serving the manufacturing and distribution industries, logistics solutions group develops solution strategies that support our customers' desire to improve the services they provide and reduce costs.

Why Choose Us

Tuticorin Logistics is founded on the belief that we will always have the lowest industry prices while maintaining the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Our unique business structure enables our low-cost competitive advantage. With a good distribution experience, you can be assured that you will receive the lowest price with the highest level of service. Our experienced staff has both shipping/receiving and carrier experience and are skilled at utilizing both experiences when approaching a situation.

There are many advantages to doing business with Tuticorin Logistics Solutions. Some of which include:

24-hour security staff, video surveillance, and gated yard

Easy access to major highways / cities all over india

Minutes away from airport / seaport

Low cost

Flexible pricing

Short or long term availability

Tuticorin Logistics  Private Limited